Thomas Edison
Put your inventions in the spotlight and explore the commercialisation opportunities and prestigious awards up for grabs at ITEX 2017.
One of the largest invention exhibitions in the world – ITEX (28th International Invention & Innovation Exhibition) from 11-13 May 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia, is a showcase of the region’s best inventions from Asia and Europe. More than 20 countries will take part in this exhibition this year.

ITEX is an annual exhibition which features 23 invention categories related to innovation or technology which aim to make everyday life easier. One of the most prominent features at ITEX is the Invention and Design Competition where local and international Awards will be bestowed to successful inventors.

A stellar line-up of 1,000 inventions by local and international inventors, research scientists, research institutions, individual inventors, young inventors and corporations will be showcased. All of the exhibitors will be putting their best foot forward to vie for investors’ attention. Those who stand out will be on their way to commercialise their inventions.

The exhibition will culminate in the Celebration of Creativity Banquet (Malam Budaya Cipta) with prestigious local and international accolades and awards being presented.
Concurrent Exhibitions
The search for young and emerging talents has been the talk of the town in the last decade or so. The numerous successful stagings of ITEX have proven one unmistakable point about budding inventors: small minds with big ideas. ITEX 2017 will be the ideal platform to groom the world’s future Einsteins. Meticulously integrated into ITEX 2017, the MYIE and AYIE 2017 exhibitions will brush up young inventors’ confidence, analytical skills and presentation savviness.

One of the largest Young Inventors Exhibition in Asia, AYIE is one of the main pillars which supported the successful staging of ITEX in recent years. This concurrent event places young inventors on a pedestal to showcase their talents to an international audience. Targeting budding Asian inventors aged 20 years and below, AYIE nurtures the inventive spirits and fosters innovative skills at a young age.


Opening its doors to schools from all 14 states in Malaysia, MYIE provides a platform for young Malaysian inventors to showcase their winning innovations. MYIE will feature winners emerging from the national level young inventors competition organised by MINDS. MYIE participants are the finalists from the Malaysian Young Inventors Competition (MYIC).

These youths will also increase their exposure to what’s up-and-coming by meeting likeminded young inventors and their mentors from around the world. MYIE will provide a stimulating and enabling environment for these young minds to challenge ideas and thoughts.

Promoting the sharing of knowledge and experience, engagement and collaboration among educators, researches and practitioners in innovation. In recent years, there has been an emerging movement to emphasise invention and design approaches which integrate social, business and management needs to all kinds – strategies, concepts, ideas and organisation – in new strategic relationships and collaborations circles.